Tokenomics : SWU Coin

Discover the exciting behind-the-scenes of SWU Coin's tokenomics. As an energy token, SWU Coin embodies an innovative and robust approach to decentralized finance. Let's explore together the captivating details that give shape to SWU Coin.


SWU is a Bep-20 Token, which means it was issued on the BNB-chain.

Issued on the NBB-chain the entire supply of SWU has been pre-mined and 50% has been made available for acquisition in the form of a separate 3-phase ICO (Initial Coin Offering), starting in December 2019 and ending in May 2022. The token was then listed in August 2022 on 2 marketplaces Bitmart (CEX) and PancakeSwap (DEX).

The maximum quantity of SWU has been set at 300,000,000 tokens and never a single one more will be put into circulation, the supply is therefore limited , SWU is therefore by nature non-inflationary.

The Total Supply is currently 291,500,000 SWU, while the Circulating supply is close to 13,500,000 SWU.