Marketplace: The Green Market (GM)

Our innovative Green Market project is a decentralised renewable energy market designed to revolutionise the green energy industry. The idea is to encourage the exchange of clean energy directly and without intermediaries. It envisages a future in which every individual can become a major player in the energy market, a future in which energy is no longer a product marketed by large companies, but a commodity shared, exchanged and valued by all. To understand the potential of this initiative, here is a more detailed explanation

  • 1. Direct participation in the Energy Transition :

    The Green Market platform paves the way for energy consumers and producers to participate directly in the energy transition. Consumers, also known as prosumers, who produce their own energy could trade it directly on our platform. This would support the overall objective of increasing the share of renewable energies in the energy mix and enable everyone to play an active role in the shift towards a greener economy. Imagine a market where you, as a solar or wind energy producer, could sell your surplus energy to your neighbour, your local school or the local hospital, thereby contributing to their energy independence. Beyond the financial aspect, imagine the sense of achievement you would feel knowing that the energy you produce was directly feeding your community, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and helping to combat climate change.

  • 2. P2P Green Energy Marketplace :

    Our native digital currency, $SWU, would facilitate transactions on the platform. For those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, we plan to create a €-$/SWU gateway to facilitate adoption of our platform. This peer-to-peer approach would reduce dependence on traditional energy suppliers and reap the benefits of decentralisation. The SWU would therefore be the native currency, while tokenised energy would circulate in the form of SWE (Smart World Energy), a new token with specific features

  • 3. Official Certification of Producers: authentication of CERs

    To ensure that all the energy traded on the Green Market is truly green, only producers who have obtained official certification will be able to sell on our platform. The certifications will be recorded in smart contracts on the blockchain, guaranteeing their authenticity and compliance with environmental standards.

  • 4. Innovative Energy Award :

    In terms of energy pricing, our platform will introduce a unique approach. The price of energy on the Green Market will not be determined individually by each producer, but rather based on various criteria such as the spot market price, the vote of a potential DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) and the macroeconomic context. This approach would prevent market manipulation and guarantee a fair price for all.

  • 5. Anti-Speculation Rules :

    To prevent speculation in energy and therefore a potential price surge, our platform could impose penalties for holding energy over a long period. This would discourage opportunistic behaviour and ensure that energy is used where it is really needed.

    In conclusion, the Green Market could become a key part of the future energy infrastructure. By facilitating a decentralised and fair market for green energy, this platform could accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources, support the energy independence of nations and challenge traditional energy monopolies. This is the potential of this green market: clean, accessible and sustainable energy for all.